Hello world!


Yes, hello world, this post is meant to be kept here (I assume that you guys knows WordPress well) as for relating to Gravity Studio is having her 1st post to the world here, we are proud to announce that we made it! Haha!

We teamed up and started this studio sized company for almost a year, we got so little time to work on things for ourselves, god, running a company is literally not easy! But we will managed to squeeze some time to finish our website, and our blog- the one you are reading.

A blog, we take it as the platform that we can express ourselves at, it is a little speaker among this internet sea, we will be speaking our voice to the industry at here and this is our 1st try out for speaking through articles rather than our works, we hope these voices will be heart and eventually reach something.

Another purpose of this blog is for showing us alive here, we want you people know that we are  doing some serious business here and come talk to us. We are always looking at the things in the industry and we want to discuss these things with people, so both you and us could gain things from the sparks of opinion exchange process.

仅此以借”Hello World!”来开头以祝贺Gravity Studio的主页上线。

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WJ Zhao

Graphic Designer, Web Developer, works for Gravity Studio like a dog.

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